Fall Jackets – Fall / Winter Add-on #11

 Fall Jackets Fall / Winter Add-on #11


 Fall Jackets Book imageWelcome to Fall / Winter Add-ons. Your fall / winter Ultimate Wardrobe Items. If you are adding these to your wardrobe that means you have completed Step 1 and have all your Basic Classic Pieces. If not, download Step 1 and do so, after all, you can’t add on if you nothing to add on to!


The Fall / Winter Add-ons are the essential fall / winter items you must have in your closet. Adding these to your Basic Classic Wardrobe will help you multiply your looks. With each new piece your closet multiplies! Make sure to follow all the rules from Step 1, the rules don’t change only the items you are purchasing. As always, I will outline my favorite stores to purchase each item. Stores that have a large selection along with a friendly price tag are my favs!

Fitted Fall Jacket

Right size fitted corderoy jaketI love this item. Admittedly I love them all, however, there are a few pieces that I wear more often then others, this is one of them.  The perfect fitting, fitted fall jacket, will come in so handy, you will be amazed. I have had my jacket for years and it is still going strong.ake sure your jacket fits like a glove and select a fabric that is for fall/winter.

Notice, on the looks below,  how a little color planning before you hit the stores comes in handy. Our tan fall jacket works well with our button down print top and comfort shoes.  Half the challenge with those closets full of clothes and nothing to wear is that what we  have doesn’t go well together.


 Fall Jackets Wardrobe Mix 

 fall jackets  fall jackets  fall jackets  Fall jackets  fall jackets

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Stores We Love To Shop for Fall Jackets

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