Summer Wardrobe Add-ons

The Ultimate Wardrobe –  Summer Add-ons

 Summer Wardrobe Welcome to The Achievable Fashion Summer Add-on Guide, your summer wardrobe must haves. If you are adding Summer Add-ons to your wardrobe, that should mean you have completed Step 1. If you have not, please go back and do so now. It is essential that you have your Basic Classic Wardrobe complete before you move to any Add-on Guides.

Summer Wardrobe

These are the key pieces you need to complete your summer wardrobe. You will mix these items with your Basic Classic Wardrobe to multiply your looks. If you have been working with your Basic Classic Wardrobe, you know that less is more with the right key wardrobe essentials. You should be seeing the light at the end of that closet full of clothes and nothing to wear! You are welcome!

Follow the same rules outlined in Step 1 when shopping for your Summer Add-ons. Reread your Step 1 Guide if you have forgotten the rules!!! Shop your closet first, there is a good chance you have some of these items, you just may have to dig to find them.

Also keep in mind, our goal with The Achievable Fashion Ultimate Wardrobe is for you to get more with less. Having said that, it is important for you to have an overall color theme in mind for your entire closet before you begin. Keeping this theme in mind as you move from Add-on to Add-on will ensure your entire wardrobe works together.

Also remember, you will be adding in fun, quirky trend items each season!

Summer Wardrobe Jacket

Summer Jacket Summer Add-on #1

Summer Wardrobe Little White Dress

Little White Dress Summer Add-on #2

Summer Wardrobe Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress Summer Add-on #3

Dress Summer Top

Dress Summer Top Summer Add-on #4

Khaki Pant

Khaki Pant Summer Add-on #5

Khaki Shorts

Khaki Shorts Summer Add-on #6

White Shorts

White Shorts Summer Add-on #7

Fun Color or Print Short

Fun Color or Print Short Summer Add-on #8

Tunic Top

Tunic Top

Striped Top

Striped Top Summer Add-on #9

Short Sleeve Button Down

Short Sleeve Button Down Summer Add-on #10

Lace Top

Lace Top Summer Add-on #11

Graphic Tee

Graphic Tee Summer Add-on #12

Silk Scarf

Silk Scarf Summer Add-on #13

White Cardigan

White Cardigan Summer Add-on #14

Summer Heel

Summer Heel Summer Add-on #15


Summer Wedge

Summer Wedge Summer Add-on #16

Summer Sandal

Summer Sandal Summer Add-on #17

Summer Sneaker

Summer Sneaker Summer Add-on #18

Rain Boots

Rain Boots Summer Add-on #19

Summer Tote

Summer Tote Summer Add-on #20

Summer Straw Bag

Summer Straw Bag Summer Add-on #21

Cross-body Bag

Cross-body Bag Summer Add-on #22

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