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My name is Karyn. Let me first confess I am not a fashionista. Let me secondly confess I am not a writer, in fact I may be the world’s worst! I am a busy mom who got sick of having a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. My fashion journey began when I set out to was rid myself of that dreadful closet full of clothes and nothing to wear — out came Achievable Fashion.

Oh, and really, when I say I am the world’s worst writer, I am not kidding! The fact that I have a blog is actually hysterical. So if anyone wants to rip apart my writing, don’t bother!  If you are looking for a site that is high fashion and a site that is written by an award winning writer this is NOT it. If you are looking for ways to turn that black hole you call a closet into a home for a functional wardrobe, read on!

My mission is not to make fashionistas out of anyone. If you happen to turn into a fashionista along the way then you graduate to another fashion site. My mission is to make fashion simple


Achievable Fashion has one mission, to make fashion simple.

We know that fashion is anything but simple for most. In fact, many women struggle with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear on a daily basis. We also know the average woman does not have time to stay on top of current trends; or the time to navigate through the sea of fashion and beauty information to uncover the tips and tricks pros have. All this makes fashion downright befuddling for the average!

Luckily, We have cracked the code!

We are on a mission to make fashion simple! We do so by 1st helping women rid themselves of their closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. We do this by outlining how to build The Achievable Fashion Ultimate Wardrobe. This is done through a series of wardrobe guides breaking it into steps, making easy, thus achievable. The Ultimate Wardrobe consists of the key wardrobe pieces every closet must have. The Ultimate Wardrobe bids farewell to those overflowing, filled with nothing closets!
With The Achievable Fashion Ultimate Wardrobe less is more!

2nd we help women stay on top of current trends. Not only do we report the trends, we also share easy and inexpensive ways to add them to your life. What makes Achievable Fashion different is that once you build your Ultimate Wardrobe you are done! Each season we show you how to mix what you have with a few new items.

Lastly we search through the sea of fashion/beauty info to find the greatest information to fill your bag with the same tips and tricks the pros have. All this great information can be found on our Pinterest boards!

We are so excited for you! We know that Achievable Fashion is going to transform your closet and your life!

If you are a store / boutique / magazine or blog that would like to partner with us contact us 1.800.583.2272


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