Closet Staples – The Suit

 Closet Staples –  The Suit  A Must in Every Closet!


 Closet Staples - Suit a must in every womans closet

Closet Staples – What do I need in my closet?  If you are anything like I was, what do I need in my closet is a question that you have asked often.  As I wrestled with my closet full of clothes and nothing to wear each day, answering this question became my mission.

As you follow along and build your Ultimate Wardrobe, the answer to that question will be revealed. One closet staple at a time, you will have the closet you have always dreamed of.

Lets begin with closet staple  #1 The suit. (Jacket 1A and Pant 1B)  The suit is a wardrobe must in every woman’s closet.  Whether you are a business executive or the CEO of your family, at some point you will need to have a suit at the ready.

Together or separately your suit pieces will be worn for many occasions. Our Step 1 guide shows how to wear your suit for each of our signature looks: Business, After Hours, Party, Casual Elegance, and Casual fun. Read the article below for tips on finding the perfect fit. 

Find the perfect suit for your body

 More Tips on Finding the Perfect Fit!

We are always searching for great information that will help you find the perfect fit for all your wardrobe items. Follow our board for regular updates.

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It is our goal to help you find your Ultimate Wardrobe items, easily and inexpensively. Here are a few of our favorite places to shop wardrobe essential – the suit.










Lane Bryant



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