Classic Clothing – Dress Jeans #5

Classic Clothing Dress Jeans – Basic Classic Wardrobe Item – # 5

classic clothing Dress Jeans 5 a wardrobe mustClassic Clothing – Jeans have come a long way!  We are not only wearing them for casual occasions, but dressing them up for almost any occasion.  Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t wearing dress jeans to a wedding or gala, but we are certainly wearing them more places than our parents did!

Classic Clothing – The Perfect Pair of Jeans

  If you have the perfect pair of dress jeans you know how much mileage you get from them.  Knowing you have the perfect pair in your closet, is wardrobe serenity!

With that said, every woman must have the perfect pair of dress jeans. By perfect, I mean, perfect for you.  Dress  jeans are so important they have made their way into The Achievable Fashion Basic Classic Wardrobe – Step 1 to building the Ultimate Wardrobe.

Let the records show, jeans are one of the hardest things to shop for. You may have to try on 100 or more pairs to find your perfect pair, but once you find them it’s so worth it.  I have set out on many jean shopping outings only to come home exhausted, frustrated and empty handed. Don’t let that stop you!

Dress jeans are usually a dark color, sometimes they can be mistaken for slacks. Dress jeans are usually flared or boot cut.  You will be getting skinny jeans in a later guide so steer clear of those now.

Dress jeans should be hemmed to be worn with heels. If you wish, you can get 2, one hemmed for heels and one hemmed for flats.  I would not recommend getting 2 of anything until you have purchased all the items in your Step 1 guide along with completing your Summer and Fall / Winter Add-ons.


 Visit our Perfect Fit board for tips on finding the right fit dress jean for your body.


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