Layering Sweater – Wardrobe Must #11

Layering Sweater – Wardrobe Must #11


Book imageLayering Sweater – Welcome to building your Ultimate Wardrobe – Step 1 #11.

If you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, it is because you lack the wardrobe essentials necessary to have a functioning closet. Call them wardrobe essentials, wardrobe basics, closet musts etc, these pieces are the base or foundation of your wardrobe. With them you will have more with less, and by more I mean way more and by less I mean way less.

Step 1 consists of the 31 items I believe you must have first. With them you can dress for any occasion, without them you are lost in a sea of clothes. For the record, Achievable Fashion was born out of my own fashion frustration. I had 3 issues. 1 – I could not understand why I had a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. 2- I found it impossible to keep up with current trends, forget about adding them into my closet. 3 – I never had the essential fashion and beauty info I needed when I needed it. After years of frustration I set out to solve my issues. I figured out a solution, and since I knew I was not the only one with these issues I decided to share my solution – born was Achievable Fashion.


Layering Sweater  – Closet Must #11

layering sweater 11 Black Sweater finalThe Short Sleeve Layering Black Sweater is closet must #11. This sweater is best in a light weight knit. This is a great layering tool in your wardrobe. The sweater we  have selected is embellished around the neckline. You can select one with our without embellishments. Your sweater needs to work alone, under jackets and cardigans. It must also work as a layering tool. You decide which sweater style works best for you.

Like all other Ultimate Wardrobe items, once you find the perfect one, you will wear it often!



Download our Step 1 Guide to see closet must #11worn for our signature looks; Business, After Hours, Party, Casual Elegant and Casual Fun.


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Layering Sweater – Shop for Closet Must #11

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