Clothing Basics – #6 Casual Jeans

Clothing Basics  #6 -Casual Jeans

 clothing basics Clothing Basics – #6  Casual Jeans – Jeans, jeans, jeans, the perfect pair can change your life!  Okay, I think any perfect Ultimate Wardrobe item can change your life. That’s why I spend all my time doing this. As you build your wardrobe with perfect fitting Ultimate Wardrobe items I think you too, will agree! Having the Ultimate Wardrobe, all your clothing basics, is a game changer.  And, if you don’t agree that the Ultimate Wardrobe changes your life, you will, at the very least, take way less time getting dressed!


Building the Ultimate Wardrobe will certainly rid you of that infamous closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. You know the infamous  closet I am speaking of. Once you build your Ultimate Wardrobe you will never again be riddled with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

Jeans are an essential part of your Ultimate Wardrobe.  Once your Ultimate Wardrobe is complete you will have several  jeans. Their are two pairs of jeans in the  Basic Classic Wardrobe  one pair of dress jeans and one pair of casual jeans.   Casual jeans are #6 in the Achievable Fashion Basic Classic Wardrobe. If you have the perfect pair of casual jeans than you can skip off to the next Basic Classic Item. If you are anything like my former self you may have 9 pairs of casual jeans in your closet, yet, when challenged to find a pair to wear you can’t to save your life!!!

You will wear your casual jeans many ways for many occasions. Before you venture out shopping, keep in mind that finding the perfect pair of casual jeans will be just as hard to find as your dress jeans. After all, jeans are jeans.

As with shopping for dress jeans, I have, on many occasions, returned home from shopping for casual jeans, exhausted, annoyed, and empty handed!

Keep searching, it is so worth it.

See our Step 1 guide for ways to wear casual jeans with other Basic Classic Wardrobe Items. Our guide pictures casual jeans with our signature looks; Business, After Hours, Party, Casual Elegance and Causal Fun.  If you have not downloaded Step 1 yet –what the heck are you waiting for???


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