What to Wear – Dress Pants Hemmed for Flats Closet Must Have #7

 What to Wear – Dress Pants Hemmed for Flats Closet Must Have #7


 what to wearWhat to Wear – Have you ever wondered what to wear? Have you ever felt like you have nothing to wear? Better yet, have you ever felt that you have more clothes than the average department store, yet, when given the task of getting dressed, you seem to come up short? Welcome to my former world and the very reason Achievable Fashion was born.

90% of all women claim to have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. My former self was part of the 90% riddled with this infamous closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. I knew there had to be a solution… After months of work I found my solution. Since I knew I was not alone I decided to share my solution, and born was Achievable Fashion.


 Closet Must #7 is a pair of dress pants hemmed for flats. Your suit pants # 1B  that are your dress pants you wear with heels. Along with dress pants that can be worn heels, a dress pair that can be worn with flats is a necessity. Let’s face it we can’t or don’t want to always wear heels. At my age feet get tired way quicker then they once did.

Dress pants hemmed for flats will allow you to be dressed nicely and  allow you comfort at the same time. Download our Step 1 Guide – to see how to wear closet must have #7 for our signature looks; Business, After Hours, Party, Casual Elegance and Casual Fun.

 What to Wear – Closet Must Have  #7

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What to Wear – Shop Closet Must Have #7

We love to shop the following stores for dress pants. As always, to make things simple, we bring you directly to the dress pant page in our favorite stores!

what to wear


JC Penny

JC Penny



Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant

Dress Barn   Sizes 4 - 24

Dress Barn
Sizes 4 – 24

Rafaella Sizes 2 - 24

Sizes 2 – 24



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