Basic Classic Wardrobe Jewelry Items

Basic Classic Wardrobe Jewelry Items

 Book imageBasic Classic Jewelry Items – Welcome to building your Ultimate Wardrobe – Step 1. If you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, it is because you lack the wardrobe essentials necessary to have a functioning closet. Call them wardrobe essentials, wardrobe basics, closet musts etc, these pieces are the base or foundation of your wardrobe. With them you will have more with less, and by more I mean way more and by less I mean way less.

Step 1 consists of the 31 items I believe you must have first. With them you can dress for any occasion, without them you are lost in a sea of clothes.

Basic Classic Wardrobe Jewelry Items

While you are building your Ultimate Wardrobe, be patient, you will be building slowly but patience will pay off! In Step 1 you are only adding 3 jewelry items to your wardrobe. Changes are, you have them in your pile of jewelry already. There is an entire jewelry guide coming. No sense in having a fabulous jewelry wardrobe if you don’t have the clothes to wear them with! The first three things that are a must in your jewelry wardrobe are casual earrings, dress earrings and a long pearl necklace that can be doubled.

Casual Earrings correct size    Dress Earrings correct size   Double Pearl Necklace correct size

Casual Earrings                           Dress Earrings                           Pearl Necklace

Download our Step 1 Guide to begin building your Ultimate Wardrobe today!

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