5 Friendliest Fashion Trends of Summer 2016

Summer 2016 Friendliest Fashion Trends

Welcome to the Achievable Fashion Spring Summer 2016 Add-on Guide. This guide consists of the 5 friendliest fashion  trends of the 2016 warm weather season. Friendliest meaning – good for all body types, easy to find and, most importantly, affordable.

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 2016 Summer Fashion Trends

We know that navigating current fashion trends can be daunting, Runways and magazines are fun, but how much of what we see there is really accessible to the average, what I affectionately call the masses.

Think of our guide as the bridge that brings the 2016 Runways and magazines to your closet.

Each season Achievable Fashion not only reports the trends but also shows you easy and inexpensive ways to add them to your closet.

Mixing trends into your wardrobe can be a snap; a snap that is, if you have the right basics to pair them with.

If you are considering adding summer 2016 fashoin trends to your closet, it means that you have completed at least 2 Achievable Fashion Guides. Step 1 along with either Spring Summer Add-ons or Fall Winter Add-ons. If you have not yet completed these, please begin at the beginning and do so. Purchasing trend items without having basics to pair them with is only adding to that pesky closet full of clothes and nothing to wear – Counterproductive!!! The last thing you want to do is add to that mess your call a closet!!!

Above you can see how these fashion trends walked the runways and graced the mags.  Below, see how easy adding trends to your wardrobe can be. We have selected three of this seasons hottest trends, the cold shoulder, stripes and the shirt dress. Armed with The Achievable Fashion Basic Classic Wardrobe and The Achievable Fashion Summer Add-ons adding trends into your closet is a snap!!!

Notice how our cold shoulder trend has stripes, 2 trends in one!!! Fashion pay-dirt! Have fun with the trend!

The Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulder Trends Worn for Business

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Our favorite places to shop The Cold Shoulder Trend: Macy’s   H&M   and JC Penny

The Stripes Have it


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Our favorite places to shop The Stripe Trend: Target JC Penny and H&M

The Shirt Has become a Dress

Shirt Dress Summer 2016 Worn for Business

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