Fall 2017 Fashion Trends


Welcome to Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Magazine to Your Closet

 Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends – NYC has already hosted fashion week to introduce fashion for spring 2018. Those of us residing, in what I call, the real world, are barely ready for fall 2017 fashion trends. Most of us are scratching our heads in disbelief that summer has come to an end.

With the kids back to school – where, I affectionately say, they belong – we are starting to peek our heads up from the chaos of summer, and are looking to see what we should be adding to our closets for fall 2017.

Before we talk about current fashion trends, I think it’s important to discuss the challenge with fashion trends. The challenge is, most of us have closets full of clothes, yet never have anything to wear. We spend many mornings wrestling with a closet full of nothing to wear. So the thought of adding trends to our lives is not as easy as the runways and magazines suggest.

My goal is to make fashion simple, which includes adding trends to your closet.

Each season I sift through the overwhelming sea of fashion information. I sort the information and report the friendliest trends. By friendly I mean trends that work for most body types, are light on the budget and easy to find. Once I find the trends, I show easy ways to create new looks by mixing them with your existing wardrobe pieces. To make things even easier, I place shopping options at your fingertips. Think of Achievable Fashion as a bridge that connects the fashion world to your closet. Thus the title – Magazine to Your Closet!

Sounds simple right? There is a catch, there’s always a catch. You must have the right wardrobe essentials to pair the trends with. If you are struggling with a closet full of nothing to wear, purchasing trends will only add to that black hole you call a closet. If this is you, please begin at The Achievable Fashion beginning and build your basics. I promise it will change your life!

If you have great wardrobe basics, Trend On!!!

2017 Fall Fashion Trends – Magazine

 fall 2017 fashion trends

There are a multitude of friendly fashion trends for fall 2017! We are going to turn our attention to the trends in tops first. There are 3 major top trends for fall 2017.

1. Soft White Blouse / 2. Tied Waist / 3.Statement Sleeve  

Collage above is filled with the trends as seen in the magazines. Each trend is friendly. Simply select one and pair it with your basics to multiply your closet.My favorite trend out of the three is the tied waist. A tied waist cinches and slims! I’ll take two of those!!! As you select your trends, keep in mind the more neutral in color, the more mileage you get.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends – Your Closet

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends in Your Closet

Trend Item from H&M

If you have taken the time to build your Achievable Fashion Wardrobe – you have most of the items shown!

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