Summer Wardrobe – Lace Top

Summer Wardrobe Essentials – Lace Top

summer wardrobe Summer Wardrobe  -Welcome to Summer Add-on #12, Lace Top. A lace top is an important part of The Achievable Fashion Summer Add-on Guide. A must in  your summer wardrobe, you will wear this top often, for many occasions. Lace is the perfect summer material, light and airy, like the season.

If you are adding this to your summer wardrobe it means you have completed Step 1 and have all your Basic Classic Pieces. If not, download Step 1 and do so, after all, you can’t add on if you don’t have anything to add on to!

As with all other Achievable Fashion Ultimate Wardrobe items, you do not have to get an exact match to the one we show. It is important that yours be a perfect match for you and your body. The best choice is one that  will take you from casual to dress.

Above all find one that fits like a glove, making you feel fabulous every time you put it on. I am excited for you as you build your Ultimate Wardrobe. By now, if you have been following along, you are starting to experience flexibility and simplicity with your wardrobe.

 Summer Wardrobe Essentials – Lace Top

If you have completed Step 1 and Summer Add-on Guides, you have everything in your closet to get the following looks.

Summer Wardrobe Lace Top Business 1Summer Wardrobe Lace Top After Hours 1Summer Wardrobe Lace Top Party 1Summer Wardrobe Lace Top Casual Elegance 1Summer Wardrboe Lace Top Casual Fun 1


How to Find Your Perfect Fit

One of the reasons we suffer from dysfunctional closet disorder is the clothes we have do not fit properly. We have all been here; 9 pairs of jeans hanging, yet when trying to get dressed one pair goes on, off, another pair on, another off, you know the drill. I don’t call it the dressing aerobics for nothing. So with each item I outline I try to find helpful information on finding the right fit. Honestly, one great pair of jeans in your closet will get you way more than the 9 ill fitting ones. Check out Shop your Shape. I love this site. You can determine your shape then see styles that work best for you.

Shop your Shape

Visit our Perfect Fit Board for More Tips and Tricks on the Perfect Fit!

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