Summer Looks – The Striped Shirt

Summer Looks – Striped Shirt

 Summer looks Summer Looks -Welcome to Summer Add-on #10, The Striped Shirt. A must in your summer closet, our Summer Add-on #10 will be a big part of your summer looks.

Our Summer Add-on Guide consists of the key wardrobe necessities for the warmer seasons. Since you are adding these to your closet, we know you have completed Step 1 and have built your Basic Classic Wardrobe. If you have not, download Step 1 now and do so.

The Striped Top will be worn often for many occasions. Once you have added this to your closet you will see how versatile it is. There is notion that stripes always make one look fat. Somehow stripes, like white pants, have gotten a very bad wrap. Like all clothing, the right one will enhance your features and the wrong one, may very well make you look, let’s say, less then perfect. I am still amazed at how one thing makes me look fabulous and another makes me look hideous. Once you put in the work to build your Ultimate Wardrobe, your closet will be filled with pieces that make your look and feel great!

Summer Looks – Striped Shirt Wardrobe Remix

Once you have completed  the Step 1 and Summer Add-on Guides you will have all the items to complete the following looks.

Summer Looks striped top business 2

Summer Looks Striped Top After Hours Summer Looks Wardrobe Capsule Striped Top Casual Elegance 22Wardrobe Capsule Casual Fun 2 2


 Great Articles of How to Wear Stripes!

I think half the issue with our closets full of clothes and nothing to wear is that half, or more, of what we have doesn’t fit us properly. That is why I am obsessed with finding great articles that help with finding our perfect fit!

How to Wear Stripes for Every Body Type

Stripes for Your Body Type

How to Wear Stripes Without Looking Fat

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