Summer Fashion – Fun Print Shorts

 Summer Fashion – Summer Add-on #8

 Summer Fashion Summer Fashion –  Welcome to summer fashion and Achievable Fashion’s Summer Add-on Guide. Our Summer Add-on Guide outlines the essential summer fashion items you must have in your closet. Add-on #8, Fun Print Shorts are a fun part of your summer fashion.

Summer dressing can be simple with the right warm weather  essentials.

As you know I am on a mission to make fashion simple. With the right basics you will always have something to wear. Achievable Fashion began with Step 1, The Basic Classic Wardrobe. Next came Fall/Winter Add-ons along with Summer Add-ons.

I am so excited for you as you build your Ultimate Wardrobe. I know your closet and your life will be transformed! Some may think, how transforming can it be? Well, for anyone who has wrestled with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, get ready to change your address from Fashion Debacle Drive to Fashion Delight Boulevard!

Fun Print Shorts are a must! They will add pizzazz to your summer fashion. As we have mentioned before, not everyone is a fan of shorts, if this is you, select a lightweight pant that can be worn the same.

Before heading to the mall review your wardrobe color theme. The more Ultimate Wardrobe items you have that work together the better. Keep in mind the color of you Fall/Winter Add-ons. (If you have purchased them)  I know it may be unrealistic for every item in your closet to work together, but the more items that do the easier your wardrobe life! For example, I can pull my pink Casual Button Down from Fall/Winter and wear it with my print shorts.

Summer  Fashion – Fun Print Short Wardrobe Remix

Once you have completed Step 1 and Summer Add-ons you will have all the pieces to create the looks!

Summer Fashion Fun Print Shorts Business 2Summer Fashion Fun Print Shorts After Hours 2Summer Fashion Fun Print Shorts Party 2Summer Fashion Fun Print Shorts Casual Elegance 2Summer Fashion Fun Print Shorts Casual Fun 2

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