Summer Essentials – Button Down

Summer Essentials – The Button Down

 Summer Essentials   Welcome to Summer Add-on #11, The Button Down. Part of your summer essentials, this short sleeve top will be worn often. If you are adding this to your closet, that means your have completed Step 1 and have all your Basic Classic Wardrobe Pieces. If not, download Step 1  now and do so; after all, you can’t add on if you don’t have anything to add on to!

Keep in mind your Button Down does not have to be and exact match to the one we are showing. It should be white, cream or any version of a lighter shade. If you wish, you can add ones with color later. Remember, once you have build your Ultimate Wardrobe you can add items as you see fit.

The Button Down we selected lends itself well to our signature looks. The best case scenario for your summer essentials, outlined in our Summer Add-on Guide,  is that each piece work for all occasions- casual to dress!

The more items in your wardrobe that work for multiple occasions the better. The point of the Ultimate Wardrobe is to get the most out of your closet with the least. This is the total opposite of what happens in most closets. As you know, most wrestle with closets bursting at the seems, yet never have anything to wear!

 Summer Essentials –  The Button Down Wardrobe Remix

As I always say, I’m soooo excited for you! Once you take the time to build your Ultimate Wardrobe, you will love your closet! It is amazing to always have something to wear. If you have completed Step 1 you have what you need to complete the following looks.

Essentials Button Down

 Summer Essentials Summer Essentials Summer Essentials Button Down Casual Elegance 2Summer Essentials Button Down Casual Fun 2

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