Summer Clothes – Tunic

Summer Clothes – Tunic

 Summer Clothes Tunic Summer Clothes-Welcome to Summer Add-on #9, Tunic. Our Summer Add-on Guide is filled with the summer clothes you need to create your warm weather outfits.

If you are adding these to your wardrobe that means you have completed Step 1 and have all your Basic Classic Pieces. If not, download Step 1 and do so, after all, you can’t add on if you don’t have anything to add on to!

The perfect tunic will be worn over and over. As with all Ultimate Wardrobe items, the right one will give you much mileage. You will be able to wear it often, for many occasions!  Our mission, to make fashion simple, is easily achieved once The Ultimate Wardrobe is built. As you search for your Summer Add-on #9 keep a few things in mind. Yours does not have to be an exact match to ours.(The items you select just need to work the same as ours do) Do pick a neutral color that goes with your other summer clothing/Summer Add-ons. Dressy fabrics are easy to dress down, but casual fabrics are hard to dress up. Above all, make sure you select a style the brings out your best features!!! Oh yeah, have fun!

Summer Clothes  – Tunic Wardrobe Remix

Once you have completed Step 1 and Summer Add-ons you will have everything shown to complete the looks below. We are so excited for you! As you complete each guide your closet and life will be transformed!!!

Summer Clothes Tunic Business 2Summer Clothes Tunic After Hours 2Summer Clothes Tunic Party 2Summer Clothes Tuni Casual Fun 2


Article on How to Find Your Perfect Fit

Not only do we want to outline the wardrobe essentials necessary for a working closet, we are always on the search for articles to help find the perfect fit!

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