Scarf Style – Silk Scarf Summer Add-on #14

Scarf Style – Summer Add-on #14

 scarf style Scarf Style -Welcome to Summer Add-on #14, Silk Scarf. We love this Summer Add-on! Scarf Style is fun. A scarf can change your look in an instant.

This is another Ultimate Wardrobe item that you get to have lots of fun with. There are so many styles and colors to choose from. Let your sense of style sing with this one.

Naturally, you will want to take color into account. Be sure to select a scarf that goes well with your other Ultimate Wardrobe items. Remember the more Ultimate Wardrobe items you have that work together the more mileage you will get from your wardrobe.

Scarf style is timeless and classic. Wearing scarves can be fun, dramatic and outfit changing in a snap! Below are two videos that show you multiple ways to wear your scarf. You will need to learn one at a time!

If you are adding this to your wardrobe that means you have completed Step 1 and have all your Basic Classic Pieces. If not, download Step 1 and do so, after all, you can’t add on if you don’t have anything to add on to!

 Scarf Style – Silk Scarf  Wardrobe Remix

As always, here are our five signature looks: Business, After Hours, Party, Casual Elegance and Casual Fun utilizing Summer Add-on #14.

Scarf Style BusinessScarf Style After HoursScarf Style PartyScarf Style Cassual EleganceScarf Style Casual Fun

Articles/Videos on How to Wear a Scarf

It is our goal to make fashion simple.  Not only do we outline what needs to be in your closet, we are always on the search for great articles on how to, the perfect fit and any other useful information that will help along your fashion journey.

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25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

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