Cardigan Outfits: Summer Add-on #15

cardigan outfits Welcome to Summer Add-on #15, The White Cardigan. Does anything say warm weather like a light cardigan? Cardigan outfits are classic, especially in the spring and summer months.

A closet must have, this Ultimate Wardrobe item will be worn often for many occasions. The right one that is. We’ve all been there, 5 cardigans hanging in the closet, yet when you need one, not one fits the bill. Finding the perfect fitting cardigan may take some work, but it’s so worth it. The perfecting fitting warm weather cardigan is a go to!

In case you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with making fashion simple. I have made it my mission to clear out those closets full of clothes and nothing to wear! Not only do I outline wardrobe necessities and show fun ways to mix them with other items, but also constantly scour the fashion world to find great articles on how to find the right fit.

Lets face it, cardigan outfits only look fabulous with a precise fit.

A cardigan can be worn for any occasion: Business, After Hour, Party, Casual Elegance and Casual Fun.

 If you are adding this to your wardrobe that means you have completed Step 1 and have all your Basic Classic Pieces. If not, download Step 1 and do so, after all, you can’t add on if you don’t have anything to add on to!

Cardigan Outfits – White Cardigan Wardrobe Remix

Cardigan Outfits 1

Cardigan Outfits After Hours 2Cardigan Outfits Party 2Cardigan Outfits Casual Elegance 2Cardigan Outfits Casual Fun2

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